Children`s training


The children`s groups - children from 7 till 12 year of life.
In the children`s groups main goal is training for developing of all body and the basis of karate. The majority of time during training are dexterity exercises, adjusting the physical skills , strengthening the bones and muscles . Training for children mostly is game adjusting motive co-ordination , teaching work in group , developing courage and self-assurance. Second element of training for the youngest are bases of the karate. Education is led according to the programme adapted to the possibility of coaching in so young age. Thanks to this children want to learn , achieve good results in education , they learn quickly , what is very important for their self- value and it gives satisfactions because of attendance on trainings. The sport competitions are organized for children from 12 years of life. The youngest adepts of the SEIDO KARATE execute the elements of fight but with minimum contact under the judges` exact supervision and the instructors during tournaments. The aim of the tournaments is children`s habit to special atmosphere ruling competition, to sport rivalry , ambition and solid and systematic work what gives good results in future not only in sport but also in different fields of life. Sport camps for children , youth and for seniors are organized every year In time of those camps , children mainly get to know new and interesting karate techniques also learn self-control, responsibilities and discipline. It shapes characters of the young men`s what certainty give good results in their future life. Thanks to features grafted children during SEIDO trainings , children achieve good results at school, they are friendly , become responsible and independent.