Seido Karate is the traditional karate style, in which Kaicho T. Nakamura passes on all what he learned about arts of fight by over 45 years of practice. One of aims of the Seido is developing the strong body what influences on our health , self-assurance and the mood favourably. Apart from development of physical skills, Seido proceeds to development of morality and the character.

The Seido emblem is the five-petaled blossom of the Japanese plum tree, which is also Kaicho family`s emblem.All members of World Seido Karate Organization, carrying this emblem are members of the family.

Seido is leaning on three basic principles: respect, love and obedience. These are represented by the three circles within the center of the plum blossom of the Seido emblem. They mark road in daily life as well as they are method how healthy and productive practise the art of fight.

If we truly have respect for others, it is inevitable that we treat them with courtesy and equanimity. It is when we do not have respect for others that we become angry with them, that we disparage them, that we find no value in what they say, and that we engage in destructive action. This lack of respect for others, oddly enough, is related to a lack of respect for ourselves. Karate, through the practice of zazen, makes us look at ourselves. If we do this sincerely, we inevitably find our beautiful, truly human core. When we see ourselves clearly, not with a vain love or callous self-indulgence, but with a healthy respect,we shall inevitably see others the same way.

Love is another fundamental principle of Seido. It is the most overused and misused word in the World. Love grows out of respect. In fact, the two go hand in hand. We must love our parents, who are our first and most important teachers. Our love for them can grow out of a real respect and appreciation for the sacrifice and suffering they have endured for our comfort. We can then give love to our families in the same way that it was given to us. Love, founded on a genuine compassion for others, is something that we should train ourselves to extend freely. When we love freely, we can give and share everything. We need hold on to nothing. Our hands can be empty. Karate means "empty hand."

Obedience means obeying one`s parents. Besides being an obligation in which I have a firm belief, it is a way of teaching humility and keeping the ego in check. No matter how old we are, we are still our parents` children. We should also be obedient to the laws of our community and society. A good karate-ka is always a good citizen. There can be no duality in this regard. The highest obedience is to the moral and spiritual principles of our conscience, to which our parents have contributed much. Kaicho hopes that every student of Seido Karate will be able to develop these highest individual principles and better understand him- or herself. The samurai loved rectitude, or right action. We should feel the same way. Morally and ethically, in all situations, we should train ourselves to love the just and honorable way of acting.