-1976 - Bogdan Czapla started his trainings of Kyokushin Karate in "Samuraj" Club in the city of Bielsko-Biala.
- 1978 - He moved to Wadowice city and set his own Kyokushin club named "Zen".
In 1980 got licence and became an Karate instructor. Club "Zen" created a new divisions in Andrychów, Sucha Beskidzka, Kalwaria and Kęty cities. The "Zen" club managed by Bogdan Czapla was one of the best Kyokushin clubs of the southern Poland.
- From 1980 many regional tournaments ,and nationwide yearly tournament, named "Beskidy Cup" were organized by Bogdan Czapla. The "Beskidy Cup" was one of the most popular tournament for the Kyokushin fighters.



Beskidy Cup in  Wadowice city 1982



- Many seminars and camps were organized.


Summer camp in Zakrzów 1986


- 1988 - A new Karate styles was created, named Seitedo. It was created by Soke Edward Badiang.
In 1988 Bogdan Czapla took part in seminar in Austria. There he knew a new karate systems with weapon, throws technics, full contact technics, what were not practiced in Kyokushin in Poland that times. He taught that new technics in his Dojo after coming back.

Self-defence and full contact techniques during Kyokushin training.


- 1990 - International seminar in Brenna. Main teacher was dr. Jousef Linder, who was European Director of the International Okinawan Martial Arts. Union Juko-Kai & Seidokan. In the same year the IOMAU division was created in Poland. Leaders of that organization were Dr. Krzysztof Kondratowicz, Ryszard Król and Bogdan Czapla.

Participants of the international seminar in Brenna 1990

Representatives of the IOMAU in Poland with Hanshi J. Linder

 Many seminars were organized since IOMAU was created. Bogdan Czapla took part in many seminars in Austria, Germany, Hungary.
There were lots of seminars organized in Wadowice and Bielsko-Biała, where Dr. Linder taught self defence, knife, bo, tonfa technics, etc

Seminar in Austria

Seminar in Hungary

Fight with Japanese sword - seminar in Wadowice, Poland

Seminar in Bielsko Biała


- 1992 - Bogdan Czapla invited by Dr. Linder, went to Moscow. There he was taught by Dr. Linder and instructors from the Alfa Team.

in Moscow 

 - 1993 - Stay in USA. There he practiced Seitedo controlled by Soke Edward Badiang. He got licence as a representative of the Seitedo in Poland. After coming back Bogdan Czapla created Polish Seitedo Karate Center. In 1994 Soke Badiang visited Poland and conducted many seminars in Warsaw and Wadowice.

Soke Edward J. Badiang and Sensei B.Czapla

Soke E. Badiang

- 1994 - New Seitedo Dojo were created. Managers of that new Dojos are people from the Kyokushin Karate, who joined to Seitedo.
- 1998 - Polish Seitedo Karate Federation was created and accepted by sport ministry. A lots of seminars and tournaments were organized. Representation of the PSKF took part in many international tournaments and championships with best results ( Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India ).


International Seitedo Tournament in Czech Republic

our team in Denmark

in Russia

Championships of Asia ( India )


Our fighters were participants in tournaments organized by Kick Boxing, TaeKwondo, Full contact Organizations with very good results.
- Very best teachers helped us to improove our skills such as Cezary Podraza / kick boxing / and Zbigniew Pietrzykowski / boks/.

Seminar with Zbigniew Pietrzykowski  

- We organize a seminars for our instructors.

Seminar in Bystra Śląska

Sensei Jerzy Sędzik - training with Bo

- Polish Seitedo Karate Federation cooperates with many International Karate Organizations in Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Asia and North Africa.

Sensei Jadwiga Widlarz - in Canadian team, now

in Denmark

Egyptian fighters during Championships of Poland


Seminar with  Kancho Yousef Shirzad - Wadowice 


 From February 2006 year we got membership in World Seido Karate Organization, leaded by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura 9 Dan. 

Kaicho Nakamura gives certificates
for Branch Chief to Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla 

Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, Nidaime Akira Nakamura and
Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla

- April 2006 year - Polish Seido Karate Federation comes into being.
Branch Chief of WSKO in Poland is Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla.