Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla was born on 13,12,1952 in Wadowice. Since his childhood he has been bound up with sports. As a teenager he rode horses at Army Sport Club "Podhalanin" in Wadowice. His first contact with Martial Arts. was in 1970 while in the army. After leaving the army he started training Karate Kyokushin in the club "Samuraj" in the city of Bielsko - Biała. His first coach was Aleksander Cypcer.
In 1980 he got the licence and became an Karate instructor and set his own Kyokushin Karate Club in Wadowice. All the time he improved his skills and ability controlled by Shihan A. Drewniak.

In 1988 he contacted with Soke Badiang who was the founder of Seitedo. At the same time he took part in lot of international seminars in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Russia. From 1990 to 1993 he practiced Martial Arts as a member of International Okinawan Martial Arts. Union and he got 3rd Dan. In 1993 he went to U.S.A. where he practiced Seitedo controlled by Soke Badiang and he got 4th Dan. After coming back to Poland he created Seitedo Organization.
In 1994 Soke Badiang visited Poland. Since then Seitedo has developed dynamically in our country. In 1995 he got 5 Dan and a title of Shihan.

In 2003 year Bogdan Czapla contacted with Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, president of the World Seido Karate Organization.In 2005 because of Soke Badiang retirement , Bogdan Czapla began trying about acceptance of the Polish Seitedo Karate Federation to Seido organization. He went to Central Honbu in New York in February 2006 year to practise Seido. This training finished with reception of Poland to the World Seido Karate Organization.
He got 5 Dan in Seido and title of Kyoshi.