Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura - Chairman
Nidaime Akira Nakamura - V-ce Chairman


World Seido Karate Organization was established 15 October 1976 year in New York . The founder of style and the world organization of the Seido Karate is one of the most prominent masters of karate, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura . Kaicho T. Nakamura was Sosai Masutatsu Oyama`s pupil and practised the Kyokushin Karate by many years in Central Honbu in Tokyo, showing with unusual artistry in techniques and kumite. This just T. Nakamura was the head instructor of training in Honbu Kyokushin and just him Sosai M. Oyama charged creation Kyokushin organization in USA.
After arrival to United States / 1966 / he established his first Kyokushin Dojo . Organization expanded quickly and Kyokushin Kaikan North American Honbu came into being in 1971 .

Because of difference of mind among T. Nakamura and the Sosai Oyama which concerned different visions , development and the part of karate in our life , T. Nakamura together with many different masters lowered the Kyokushin organization and he appointed his karate organization and style to life named S E I D O in 1976 year . Popularity and acknowledgement of Kaicho grew quickly not only in USA , especially he was recognized as master acting in Kyokushin structures before .
Therefore SEIDO got in both Americas more and more larger prestige as well as on different continents.
His organization Kaicho based on instructors who went together with him away from Kyokushin and so on men about high qualifications and to whom he granted with full confidence. The new vision of karate , connexion to samurai tradition / from such family Kaicho T. Nakamura comes from / , the philosophy , perfect technique and the effectiveness in universal fight , respect , devotion , the mutual help and the understanding - these are only some features characterizing SEIDO of Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura.
At the beginning of creating new organization and new style , Kaicho set before all very high requirements. Not only under technical regard but also first of all he set at future instructors` personal qualities / branch chief /, who they would be peaceable with Master`s philosophy. The commitment , huge work over oneself , devotion and the determination in winning the knowledge of karate , following the straight line but the difficult road traced by Master in dojo and in every field of our life. For that reason appointments on SEIDO DOJO managers could receive only direct pupils of Kaicho. Many-years` trainings in Honbu , lots of seminars , camps in which instructors took trainings , permitted during these many years to develop valuable personnel , which teach SEIDO in different corners of world at present time .


Fact on attention deserves , that in whole thirty-year SEIDO practice , in spite of many instructors trying from different organizations karate , to World Seido Karate Organization were not accepted anybody from outside !
Whole his work Kaicho based on his pupils exclusively . It is guarantee that all aspects connected with way of karate traced by Master are given to the others , it is the guarantee of prestige and the authority of organization. There is no important in Seido how many Dojos work or how many people are in. There is no giving of degrees in Seido and there is no road on shortcuts . However in SEIDO is the huge work in all fields of life , the full confidence to Master , the practician of karate and the incessant endeavour to traced aim.
The more huge distinction and honour was for us accepting and acknowledgement by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura of our achievements and our attitude on way of karate and the acceptation us to World Seido Organization ! We are first and only at present , who experienced this honour !



Many facts about prestige of organization testify , the proofs of acknowledgement from many environments of arts of fight , the politics and the business. In Central Honbu in New York beside children and youth also practise representatives almost all of environments / the doctors the , lawyers , the actors , police officers and the army, businessmen , the politicians etc /. In June 2006 year w took place celebrations ceremony of 30 years of Seido existence in NY. We received with this opportunity the congratulatory letter from Mr. President of United States of America George W. Bush .



Such personalities in organizing committee are between another as :
Hillary Rodham Clinton - United States Senator
George E. Pataki - Governor
Michael R. Bloomberg - the President of New York city
Hiroyasu Ando - Ambassador Consul General

Thanks of huge all persons` work connected with SEIDO, the unusual organization was created , giving all the SEIDO practicians the feeling of great value of their work , prestige and the authority , direct contact with Master and his knowledge. Seido is the road to meeting of true value of karate.


Seido is the road to meeting of true value of karate .