Tournament in Czechowice Dziedzice

On November 27, 138 contestants from Seido Karate competed for the top trophies at the National Mayor`s Cup Tournament in Czechowice Dziedzice.
The organizer of the tournament was the Students` Club of Seido Karate in Czechowice Dziedzice led by Senpai Roman Kruszecki 3 DAN.
The competition was attended by 138 athletes representing clubs and players of Seido Karate in Poland.
The tournament was played in the competition kata and kumite Competed for gold medals stood juniors, seniors and super-senior group - the parents of our students who actively train alongside their children.



Czechowice Dziedzice Tournament was the first of the season-opening series of tournaments called SEIDO League. Players, in addition to medals and cups accumulate points which will allow for selecting the best player after the campaign season.A valuable award awaits for the winner of the League.
    Performance level in both Kata and Kumite was satisfactory.
   We were very pleased to have watched the actions of the oldest players in the category of SUPER SENIOR. This group are the parents of our students who actively train in almost all of Seido Dojo, support the activities of clubs, participate in all seminars, camps and sport events. Polish Seido Karate Federation is one of the few and perhaps the only organization in Poland, where so many parents attending in sport events.
    With great satisfaction we note the fact that practitioners of karate parents, beside of normal relations in the family between parents and children, becomes an idol, an unquestionable authority for their children. This builds a great relationship between parents and children. They have common interests, common topics for discussion, together attend the training, compete in competitions. And this is a great achievement of SEIDO.


Congratulations to all medalists!