Seido Karate seminar for adults

SEIDO is the only organization in Poland, where so many parents of our students practicing karate. Practically almost in every Seido Dojo, parents bring their children for training and they also train in separate groups, intended solely for parents and other adults. What do parents expect from SEIDO? Why so many of them practice karate? They don`t train after all to be excellent players. In Seido, sport is not important. So why then?
 Seido karate is a unique style in which the most important priorities are very relevant and profound philosophical assumptions to allow in a slightly different way to look at our lives and act in harmony with nature for the good of us all. Physical training to group people in one place, in one organization creates a unique community of people of different professions. Gather the people, who together perform certain tasks, share common goals, assist, help each other and constantly working together to the goal. Physical training strengthens the body and the whole process of training. Meditations very important, strengthen our spirit, strengthen our mind. In Seido, there is no competition between individuals. We`re not trying to be better from a friend or colleague from the group. We strive to perfect its own personality, so that we become better and better, we were able to overcome themselves, our  weaknesses. As a result, we become people who believe in our  own abilities, we are confident, we have faith that we can overcome many obstacles to encounter in our path.

 We are very pleased that we were able to give a philosophy of Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura such great numbers of parents. Therefore, for the first time, 16 October 2010, Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla arranged a special seminar just for them. 




The program contained basic techniques and self – defense combinations. Most important point of the seminar was meditation with the lecture. 


 During the seminar Kyoshi gave a special gift to two students: Mirosław Liszka and Sławomir Dobija. These were the books "One day, one lifetime "  with personal dedications sent  by Kaicho T. Nakamura in recognition of their attitude, brought help to others and their fallow on the path of Seido Karate.
The seminar finished delicious meal. We like to train together and have fun together. That is why we create this wonderful community of Seido Karate.