Family picnic of Seido


 On Saturday, September 25, children and youth of  Beskidian District of Seido Karate with their parents participated in a great picnic of the SEIDO. Picnic was organized by Senpai Piotr Michulec 3 Dan and Paweł Michulec 1 DAN - Seido Karate instructors in Sucha Beskidzka.
This impressive outdoor event, which was attended by over 400 people, began training on the Market in Sucha Beskidzka arousing great interest in many residents gathered. Residents of Sucha Beskidzka  had never seen such a huge number of karateka in their town what made a great impression. In training took part children in age 7Training, where easily be able to participate, even the youngest children, along with people older than 40 was led by Kyoshi Bogdan Czapla 5 DAN - representative of the World Seido Karate Organization in Poland. Number of athletes, a huge commitment and a desire to best demonstrate their skills for the locals have done a very good impression among viewers of this unusual event.


After training, all participants began a great time. The organizers have prepared a lot of fitness competitions including races in sacks, cross-country relay events, football, and many others. In all events, the participants became children and parents. The rivalry was huge. Children at any cost tried to beat their parents, and parents ... well, usually came down from the battlefield defeated. During the event, we could eat pea soup straight from the military kitchen boiler or grilled sausages. Great fun lasted until late at night. 




Our huge success is that we have managed to instill the philosophy of Seido to parents of our students and adults who often already exceed forty years. They all already know that Seido karate is quite different from other styles, are quite different from circulating stereotypical views. They know that Seido is also for them, that it is primarily a way of life, an attractive way to spend free time and more importantly, spending time with their children. There is no better sight, as a parent going to Dojo with his child with whom he trains later time. It strengthens the bond between parents and children. Common interest make a joint discussions - the child has something to talk about with dad and dad has something to talk about with his son. It is one of the elements of the educational process creates a great relationship between parents and children. This is important because in modern times, when we are so busy, when we do not have enough time for direct contact with our children, belong to such communities as Seido, gives a chance for change. And yet for child is not enough to turn on the computer and have free time for half a day. You have to stay with him, talk, do something together. In our case it is the joint training, joint participation in competitions and joint participation in such events as the recently organized Seido Family Picnic. Love - Respect - Obedience, those three words make our way. On this path we welcome all regardless of age.

Bogdan Czapla